Julianne Page

Julianne Page
Quick Description:
We aim to save patient’s lives by working with healthcare professionals to collect drug and disease documents, analyzing and openly sharing clear, actionable recommendations for improvement with pharmaceutical companies so healthcare information is better understood and followed by patient communities.

Poor communication can be frustrating; however, in healthcare, poor communication can affect a person’s quality of life and length of life. Each week, patients, pharmacies, physician offices, hospitals, and patient advocacy groups receive thousands of pharmaceutical materials and related drug information that either supports or complicates patient care and the conversations patients have with their healthcare providers. Your organization may have dozens or hundreds of pieces of pharmaceutical content lying around–some of it great and some of it dangerously unclear. For us to ensure pharmaceutical communications are as clear as possible, we need your help!

To keep patients as safe as possible, P.Voxx collects, digitizes, and uploads drug-related communications in a search-ready, subscription-based database. IHA plain language experts then (1) evaluate these biopharmaceutical communications for clarity and (2) work with the original content developers to make the communications more understandable. By ensuring prescription drug communications are as clear as possible, HELP empowers medication-focused programs, professionals, and patients to achieve better health outcomes

How Can You Help?

You can collect and donate all of the pharmaceutical marketing and advertising materials your office receives from drug reps and other sources. We send you pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes, so you can simply place these promotional materials into the envelopes and mail them back to us. P.Voxx and the IHA will take it from there!

It takes a village to gather examples of good and bad communications. We cannot do it without the help of great people like you.

To know more about it, please visit our website yourhealthliteracy.org
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